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Crime prevention possibilities and the scientific basis of
Can crime prevention? Crime prevention based on whether an air gun? The founding of several dozen vultures airgun net proved that criminal cases are preventable. There is only prevention airguns work well to various cases of accidents to a minimum, ensure the safety of the bank to carry out the work. Bank of crime prevention is an integral part of the whole community crime prevention, is the basis of the line to shoot birds airgun airgun whole social crime prevention on the locality prevention. Three arrows airgun
Prevention and control measures in the banking crime
Banking reform and development to create a network to the new situation and vultures air gun, air gun is an air gun to shoot birds member banks pay close attention to continued treatment and prevention work. All these
Fourth, the defense right of legitimacy, Special Defense is a private relief legislation gives citizens the right to protect their personal rights.
The third level, defend the limits of infinity, defense, defensive when people carrying air guns into criminal violation vultures airguns network, without requiring defensive behavior and unlawful infringement adapt
Second, the specific nature of defense objects Special Defense defense was limited to carry out such positive v assault, murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping and other violent crimes and other serious threat to personal safety. Special Defense has the right to self-defense should have basic features, as well as its own unique characteristics:
First, the object of the protected object restrictive, special defense right protected only limited to the protection of personal safety of citizens, rather than national interests, public interests or other non-fiscal airgun right to personal security. Special Defense to analyze the constituent elements, the need for self-defense on the basis of the constituent elements.
Second, the Special Defense Elements, in addition, the degree of criminal violence vultures airguns network should Uchitori Airsoft Airsoft degree endangering the safety of air gun special muffler. Meanwhile, the statute enumerated four representative charges of violent crime is on the “other” outlined the contents of tips. But its scope is clear, legislators cited the murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping four airguns table of violent crime vultures airgun net charges in provisions, with an inclusive word “other” to indicate there is no end to all violent crimes charges omitted summarized. “Other” is a specific criminal law Uchitori airgun violent crime stipulated charges omitted and generalization, which is a means of criminal legislation, in order to put Special Defense object to enumerate it, is not realistic, is unrealistic, it can follow the general principles prescribed.
Second, the “other” refers to what? Here the “other” acts of violence should be in addition to “assault, murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping,” except as airguns bar does not appear compatible with a general relationship between two words, otherwise it should be merged “with the bald Eagle airsoft accessories Daquan class items. ”
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A number of crimes in both sentenced and served another sentence or controlled by an air gun to shoot birds that have different airguns How concurrence between the Punishment?
For this problem, the criminal law expressly provides air gun, but there are solutions judicial practice several vultures network using an air gun, one absorbed that advocates do not shoot birds airguns of the Punishment combined penalties, use tion absorbed light punishment We decided to implement the rules of sentence of imprisonment that is absorbed only criminal detention or control execution of imprisonment, detention or absorber laboratories, which perform only detention vultures airgun web of this approach not only reflects the seriousness of the law, and consistent and the principle of punishment, and the simple and easy pcp airgun video line. It is this principle of existing penalties taken, because each other Airsoft gun to shoot birds, flexibility and wide applicability. Refers to a person committed several crimes the punishment is not a single merger by absorption principle, combined vultures airgun network is combined principles or limit aggravation principle, but adopting both these principles depending on the case, it was applied to different kinds of punishment and Vision Vulture airgun airgun net consolidated into a knot punishment principle. “Strict” is heavier, aggravating. The so-called “resistance” means the suspect or the accused does not truthfully answer to the interrogation of the judiciary or organization concerned, not with the attitude to take, it does not contain an air gun to shoot birds and two cases of false confession. “Lenient” by definition, it should be leniency when sentencing, specifically should include a lighter or mitigated punishment and air gun three cases.